Exposing the “Mindless Behaviors” Behind Violent Shootings in the United States

May 12, 2022

Beatrice Adenodi, author of the ground-breaking book Mindless Behaviors: Breaking Through Unseen

Barriers, sheds light on the mindless behaviors fueling the ongoing mass shootings and the gun crisis in

the US. She proposes solutions that strike at the core of the problem, rather than fan the flames –

solutions that leaders and politicians probably won’t like.


Minneapolis, MN – Beatrice Adenodi, the in-demand leadership speaker, business consultant, and

author of Mindless Behaviors: Breaking Through Unseen Barriers, has a message for Americans to help

bring an understanding to the country’s ongoing mass shootings and gun crises.

Through her insights, observations, and expertise in identifying people’s mindless behaviors, she

identifies the reasons there are so many shootings in the US. Instead of being reactive and casting

blame, she suggests considering the mindless behaviors that keep the country in an endless cycle of

blame, with no actual accountability.

Adenodi doesn’t expect political leaders and elected officials to like her insights. “Leaders aren’t really

there to find solutions; they are there to keep their jobs. Think of it this way, leaders are only needed in

societies of chaos. A never-ending cycle of gun violence and upheaval, as factions fight for their political

agenda, means politicians have job security. They have no incentive to do something until we the people

demand it.”

Compounding the issue is the media’s response when gun violence erupts, as well as the perceived,

underlying threat of taking people’s guns away. This, along with the mental health crisis and the

emotional toll communities bear in the aftermath of shootings, makes for a society rife with mindless,

reactive behaviors.

Adenodi’s book, Mindless Behaviors: Breaking Through Unseen Barriers, brings to light seven examples

of reactive, negative cycles of human behavior and the importance of effective communication in our

life. Going through the experience of these stories, readers learn that if they change the way they think

about a situation and their actions, they have the potential to completely transform their lives. This

book inspires people to broaden their horizons, recognize their unconscious prejudices, and unleash

latent potential.

Adenodi says, “Mindless Behaviors is relevant to the challenging times in which we live. It provides a

starting point for becoming aware, and plants the seeds of transformation to help us grow. This book is

for people who find themselves in repeatable patterns in their lives, who are looking for ways to ‘unstick

themselves’. My book is not telling the reader how to live their life or what to do in a situation, but it

offers multiple perceptions on how to navigate through challenging conditions, which is what we need

in the world.”

Adenodi is available for media interviews, speaking opportunities, and articles.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon or at www.mindless-behaviors.com

ISBN 978-1634893763

Price: $20.00

About the Author:

Beatrice Adenodi is a storyteller, a sought-after a business leadership consultant and speaker, and a first

generation Nigerian American. Her unique experiential marketing perspective gives her the ability to

recognize the mindless behaviors that prevent people from reaching their untapped, limitless potential.

Through her unique position, Adenodi helps professionals, business owners, and anyone ready to

confront their own mindless behaviors by acting as an interpreter of the unseen – guiding them from

being reactive to reflective. Adenodi reveals – in a direct, no-nonsense approach – the reality of what’s

holding people back and blocking them in their professional and personal lives.

She is the founder of Mirror Inc. as well as the author of Mindless Behaviors: Breaking through Unseen

Barriers. Visit Mindless Behaviors’ website to discover more.

“For media inquiries, please contact Desiree Duffy at Black Chateau Enterprises

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