Bending Over Backwards

Beatrice Adenodi
November 22, 2022

Before I started my rant about what I will talk about today. I like to define things to provide a base meaning of what I am about to discuss before moving forward with my message. Let's get into this. 

Bend- to make something change its shape from straight to curved or to make someone


In- denoting a verbal action, an instance of this, or its result:

Over – You know what that means 

Backwards- toward or into the past

I am trying to convey the message that most people are stuck in their trauma and don't realize the people in front of them are authentic and supportive. The present moment is missing from this equation. Through my journey dealing with people, I noticed that their privilege with their trauma allows them to unconsciously mistreat others in unspeakable ways. Just because you had a rough life doesn't mean you have to traumatize the person trying to support or help you. Pain and chaos have been normalized in our society to the degree that it is normal to be traumatized regularly. And for the noble people that bend backward for others consistently regularly, they then get the short end of the stick, discovering that people have just gotten used to the drama and pain of their life history and the trauma passed down from their ancestors. These challenges bleed into every aspect of our lives, like home, school, work, etc. For this reason, we are reliving the same situations repeatedly, like a broken record you pushed replay. 


When do you get out of it? 

When do you see it for was it is?

When do you discover that it is

When do you stop punishing yourself with the same story replayed? 


We build industries based on the pain of the collective 

Companies run off the slavery model, AKA hierarchy.

Friends, family, and community consistently abuse each other based on past experiences. 

This shit is everywhere, but we tend to say, "it will be different the next time." And then, the song continues, which has everyone catch up with the "lyrics." 


For every problem, there is a solution waiting to be resolved. The way to start understanding challenges is to begin going face to face with the smoking mirrors created throughout our lives.

The moral of the story is that if people are bending over backward to support you, you might want to get out of your way. Take in the present moment and experience the gift right before you. It helps lighten the load just a bit. Okay, my rant is over.  

One thing that I am offering is business problem-solving sessions in (groups and one-on-one formats). Since I am a great problem solver, I would love to support you in getting to the root of your challenges in business and offer some strategic tools to do so. If you are interested, check out my page about my Thriving Brand program and schedule a time to chat with me. Mirror Ink |Thriving Minds ( My book Mindless Behaviors: Breaking Thru Unseen Barriers is up for purchase. Great book to check out. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me at

Till next time.


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