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This intensive 6-week course walks you from confusion to clarity in your business and arms you with an effective marketing plan that produces powerful results. Through an effective combination of group sessions and one-on-one coaching, we’ll identify pain points that are keeping you stuck in your professional and personal life and equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to overcome these obstacles. You’ll learn how to move beyond merely reacting to setbacks and discover how to approach any situation from a focused and reflective mindset.

  • Gain clarity in your direction and bring passion to your message
  • Learn how to package YOU in a unique way
  • Build your plan and strategies in real-time
  • Discover a new relationship-based paradigm for marketing YOU.
  • Know how to execute your plan efficiently

Class Starts MArch 23rd, 2020

Course Weekly Breakdown

As you journey through this course, you will reach these milestones.
Week 1: Analyzing your blueprint

We kick off by setting your intentions for the course. We’ll analyze you and your accomplishments so far. You will learn to set realistic goals, milestones, and objectives that will set the tone for the rest of the course. Since this is a week of introductions and reflection, you will dig deep into your professional life and reflect on what is and is not working for your business.

Week 2: Establishing your focus and identity

You now have your goals and pain points that you identified in the first week. You will identify your value and the unique perspective you bring to the world and we’ll create the avatar that you want to become.

Week 3: Building your genius plan

This week you will learn the 4 key components you will need to build an effective marketing plan. You’ll clarify your services and your position in the marketplace and create a powerful plan that is YOUR spark of genius.

Week 4: Mapping out a strategy

We will map out a strategy that works for you, as well as talk about different traditional and non-traditional marketing tactics that are customizable for your brand.

Week 5: Perfecting your process

Now that you have an effective marketing plan, let’s make your processes more efficient. You’ll discover the best ways to streamline your projects and save time. You will also be tasked to start to execute at least one of your initiatives during the upcoming week.

Week 6: Execute! Execute!

In our final week, you will learn the importance of constructive feedback through group coaching. You will learn tricks and tips to stay motivated even when you are ready to give up. We will also make sure you are set up for success by providing the resources you need to Thrive.

Meet Your Teacher

My name is Beatrice Adenodi, and I am a marketing guru and awareness advocate. I am the proud owner of Mirror Ink, a marketing production firm that specializes in strategy, planning, logistics, and execution. As a practitioner of experiential marketing for over 15 years, I have supported over 500 brands and have provided logistics and planning for over 2,000 events. This has led me to develop an extensive network of professional colleagues who have helped me serve my long list of VIP clients. I have always been drawn to help build businesses and organizations that create social impact, and practicing in this area of business has given me a greater understanding of human behaviors and patterns. This drove me to create Mindless Behaviors, a new segment of my business which is devoted to bringing greater reasoning and awareness to humanity. 

As a first-generation Nigerian-American immigrant, I know how it feels to have to figure everything out on your own. Through the years I had to learn how to navigate life by building my own set of tools that worked for me, and I am currently on the journey of writing my first book so I can share what I have learned with the world.  Through my unique perspective, I have been able to help many people get out of unfortunate situations by guiding them from being reactive to reflective in their setting. I love the work that I do and I'm excited to pass on my knowledge and experience to entrepreneurs like you.

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