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Thriving Brands is our robust advancement program designed to meet you where you are in your business’s development and take it to the next level. Through our in-depth group sessions, we elevate your life perception and give you unparalleled perspective on your business. These sessions help you tap into your purpose and discover a balanced approach to this often-demanding lifestyle.

  • Gain clarity in your direction and bring passion to your message
  • Learn how to package YOU in a unique way
  • Build your plan and strategies in real-time
  • Discover a new relationship-based paradigm for marketing YOU.
  • Know how to execute your plan efficiently

group workshops available on selected dates!

workshop Breakdown

Group workshops alternates between in-person group sessions and one-on-one coaching sessions.
Workshop 1: Analyzing Your Blueprint

We kick off by setting our intentions for the course. We will analyze participants’ backgrounds and accomplishments, and learn to set realistic goals, milestones and objectives that will set the tone for the rest of the course. Once we identify goals and pain points, we will determine the value and unique perspective our Learners will bring to the world.  

Workshop 2: Establishing your identity within your business.

So many of us want to “do it all,” but what does that mean for our business? In this workshop, we will work with you to pinpoint what it is that makes you, your product, or your service special. Let us discover your niche and come up with ways for you to stand out in your industry! Once we home in on packaging you in a unique way, we will show you how to stop wasting time chasing shiny objects and learn techniques to make the most of your time and motivation.

Workshop 3: How to narrow down your perfect client?

You can’t market to everyone. Tapping into a niche is one of the most effective tactics entrepreneurs can use to build a following of loyal clients and customers. In this workshop, marketing guru Beatrice Adenodi teaches you how to narrow down your audience and find the perfect client.

Workshop 4: Communicating with your audience – tone.

You may know who your perfect client is, but do they know who you are? Finding your unique voice is an important part of brand awareness. In this workshop, you will learn how to set your communication tone to best connect with your ideal clients, leading to a widened sales funnel and more eyes on you. We will provide all participants with a personality test to find their communication style. Results will be interpreted by marketing guru Beatrice Adenodi to help you find ways to best communicate your message, resonating strongly with your audience.

Workshop 5: Building Your genius plan

This week, we’ll clarify students’ services and positioning in the marketplace to create a powerful, holistic plan that sparks their individual genius. We will map out a strategy that works for the participant, as well as talk about different traditional and non-traditional marketing tactics that are customizable for their brand.

Workshop 6: Strategy makes the world go round.

You have identified your business niche, you know exactly who your ideal audience is, you even have your goals set...but have you taken the time to map out your strategy? This is an important part of your business plan, and in this workshop, we will show you knew tactics to create the best step-by-step plan to connect with your audience. Once you have your strategy, you will learn about how to analyze your wins and losses and come back with stronger strategy each time you collect new data.

Workshop 7:  Understanding Your Marketing

For too long, marketing has been approached in a limited way, relying on fill-in-the-blank templates, and dated formulas. In this immersive half-day session, we will explore how to approach marketing in today's overly complicated world. Through our in-depth consulting sessions, we elevate your life perception and give you unparalleled perspective on your business. You will discover a bold new approach to building a holistic marketing strategy that positions you as the top solution in the marketplace. Group discussions and exercises help you see marketing through a new lens and clarify your direction.

Workshop 8: Defining your process?

Now that you have perfected your marketing, those clients will start rolling in! But have you taken the time to define your process? Creating a streamlined procedure ensures that all your clients and leads receive the highest level of service, leading directly to closing sales. In this workshop, you will learn how to best utilize tech tools, call-to-actions and scheduling to best define your business process and seamlessly walk clients and employees through that internal procedure. Defining your process will ultimately save you time and money and setting your boundaries early in the process will enable you to avoid burnout.

Workshop 9:  How to execute Your plan?

Now that students are armed with an effective marketing plan, we will make their processes more efficient by learning the best ways to streamline projects and save time. They will also be tasked to start to execute at least one of their initiatives during this time. Learners will learn the importance of constructive feedback through group coaching and discover tricks and tips to stay motivated even when they feel ready to give up.

Workshop 10: Measuring your business success.

You may feel like you have everything on track with your business, but how do you know that it’s actually working? In the final workshop of the series, you will be shown how to set achievable goals, define the metrics that make sense for you, and gather data from your clients to understand how your business is performing. We will share our special tips and tricks to hitting those goals and walk you through running analytic reports and how to read them. We also will have a special guest financial planner to better help you understand the financials of your business and how to capitalize on those financial gains.

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Meet Your Teacher

My name is Beatrice Adenodi, and I am a marketing guru and awareness advocate. I am the proud owner of Mirror Ink, a business consulting firm that specializes in strategy, planning, logistics, and execution. As a practitioner of experiential marketing for over 15 years, I have supported over 500 brands and have provided logistics and planning for over 2,000 events. This has led me to develop an extensive network of professional colleagues who have helped me serve my long list of VIP clients. I have always been drawn to help build businesses and organizations that create social impact, and practicing in this area of business has given me a greater understanding of human behaviors and patterns. This drove me to create Mindless Behaviors, a new segment of my business which is devoted to bringing greater reasoning and awareness to humanity. 

As a first-generation Nigerian-American immigrant, I know how it feels to have to figure everything out on your own. Through the years I had to learn how to navigate life by building my own set of tools that worked for me, and I am currently on the journey of writing my first book so I can share what I have learned with the world.  Through my unique perspective, I have been able to help many people get out of unfortunate situations by guiding them from being reactive to reflective in their setting. I love the work that I do and I'm excited to pass on my knowledge and experience to entrepreneurs like you.

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