January 2021

Lisa Harris & Company

Business Strategy/Consulting, Marketing Planning, Re-Branding, Content Strategy Development

Lisa Harris & Company is an innovative platform that provides tools and experiences for high-achieving women to lead empowered lives by shifting their narratives, giving voice to their stories, and building authentic connections. The goal is to build a community of sisterhood through narrative coaching programs, inspirational events, storytelling, and more.

Founder Lisa Harris created the first iteration of this platform, Fashion Meets Poetry, in 2016, as an event series for women which combines storytelling, poetry, and fashion. The COVID-19 pandemic would soon drastically change the event production landscape, but even before that, Lisa was dreaming of the future. She wanted to evolve the company into something greater — a true sisterhood that helps women on their journey to personal growth and healing—but she wasn’t sure where to start.

Overwhelmed, Lisa turned to Beatrice and Mirror Ink for guidance. Having known Beatrice for many years as a successful events producer with considerable experience in business development, Lisa knew she would be the perfect person to help take her business to the next level. 

The first step was to determine pain points. Through a deep dive into the brand and its direction, Beatrice identified a major barrier to its success: a lack of clarity. The brand’s many aspects weren’t quite coming together in a cohesive way. It was difficult for Lisa to communicate the benefits of her programs. Much of the brand’s messaging had been created at the outset of Fashion Meets Poetry and needed to evolve to reflect the platform in its modern state. 

Working closely with Lisa, Beatrice took the seemingly disparate pieces of the platform and created an underlying foundation to hold them all together. A key insight was to offer a “hero product”—a main, entry-level program which would serve as an easily-understood centerpiece from which the other programs would logically flow. From there, Mirror Ink created a framework and support network to test and refine individual programs, obtain feedback and validation, and facilitate the necessary changes.

This culminated in a relaunch of the brand as “Lisa Harris & Company”— a cohesive platform for personal development that connects, guides, and transforms women’s lives through the power of storytelling. A new approach to the relaunch was required due to the pandemic, with the goal of debuting the new services and programs and generating interest in the platform through effective use of social media.