The Feygin Group

Branding/Marketing Consulting, Web Design, Business Development, Public Relations.

The Feygin Group is an entertainment company specializing in food and wine experiences. Their mission is to create a unique and inspiring Michelin star experience in the comfort of their client’s spaces. The company is owned by a father and daughter team who are looking to make an impact through philanthropy.

In January 2019, Mirror Ink Launched a new service called the Thriving Brands Program. This program is designed to provide our clients with a 360° makeover of their brand and/or business. Our goal is to “create lifestyles, not careers”.

FG became one of our first clients to join the Mirror Ink family in February. Along with our trusted partners, we set out to make a robust, full brand that they would love and take pride in. We walked their brand from concept to execution and we're very proud of the work we have done.